Saturday, February 5, 2011

Operation Bluestar..!!

I think we all know about the Operation Bluestar and have heard what happened in it..
I just want to know what was ur 1st feeling or is ur 1st feeling when u hear about this..
Well, i don't know about urs but i'll tell mine.. And i hope that its a general feeling..
I feel that the attack by the Indian Army on the Golden Temple was right.. I'm not stating that this was an attack on a religion.. But it was an attack on a religious place which was being used and hence turned into a very unreligious place by a group of handful people...
Jarnail Singh Bhandranwale and his supporters were trying to do something which was quite unacceptable any true Indian.. His deeds u know better..But the fact that has confused me a few moments ago is the comments of people in the various social networking sites on the topic of Bhindranwale.. Those people were hailing him as 'Sant baba ji'..
Just explain to me one thing, how can a person who openly fires on innocent people including children too, can be referred as Sant.. They think there was a ploy to suppress their religion but just one thing'.. How can a mass murderer who has been hailed as a terrorist by the world media which is not influenced by any politics be a part of such a gentle and impeccable religion like Sikhism..
Now comes the other issue.. Should have the military opened arms against Bhindranwale in the Golden Temple..?? To this i have just ine thing to say.. Is a religion much important than your country..?? If there is a terrorist hiding in ur backyard, would u not like him being killed by any means..?? It was just unfortunate that the terrorist here was hiding in a sacred place like the Harminder Sahib..
I on my part would have no problem if Osama bin Ladin was hiding in Badrinath and the place was going to get secured by the army by attacking the temple..
There is one truth we should accept.. Nation come First.. Always..
Not accepting this was the mistak Bhindranwale did by assuming that the Sikh regiment won't fight him.. And the largest force that fought him was in fact the Sikh Rifles.. The regiment proved themselves as true Khalsa but sadly, the forces of Bhindranwale didn't..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dhobi Ghat..!!

What is this movie..?? I am not able to understand it or maybe i am not able to understand myself..

The story is a juxtaposition of 4 stories and i don't know which one has affected me the most.. But yes.. It has affected me.. I am not able to stop thinking about it today..

I think or feel that the story of Arun(Aamir Khan) has reached to me quite well.. His confused attitude and shying away from the crowds or not even shying, just staying away from it, connects to me.. His ultra connectivity with the story of Yasmin and his feel about it is awesome..

I wonder and even applaud the change of moods of Arun as per the life of Yasmin.. It is so real and yet so unreal that we are affected by the lives of people whom we even don't know.. But yet, their condition of plight saddens us too, maybe not for a long time, but yes it does..

And then again we throw away this feeling by thinking,"What shit..!! Why am i bothered..??". This is not a question that we ask just to get away from this feeling but its a statement of wonder that we utter to understand this human nature which has surprised us for an eternity..

The last scene of the movie is something which i am not able to get.. The act that Munna(Pratik Babbar) does is what i am finding a bit hard to understand.. Does it shows that he had understood the difference between him and Shai(Monica).. Or is it the feeling of love and that he just wants to see her happy..

All in all, the movie has left a huge impression on my mind but still, i am not able to understand it..

But wanna some more of these kind..

Friday, January 21, 2011

Indian Football..!! Is this the rising..??

India have just finished at the last position in the ongoing AFC Asian Cup after getting a beating from Australi, Bahrain and South Korea..

We scored a total of three goals in the 3 matches that we played..

To any unknown person, a person who just follows the top teams and clubs of the world blindly and just sees a win as a proof of betterment..

But this team of Bob Houghton has achieved what other teams had never ever done in my life of Football following..

This team has made it to my hearts by the way they have played.. The way they have bravely faced the top teams of the world.. Their this attitude shows the mental development they have developed since they have begun playing the sport to its and their true nature..

It is foolish to expect a team of a ranking 142 to beat a team of 26.. But i think that finally this sport is excelling in our country..

Bhaichung Bhutia has made a team out of a bunch of good footballers.. It is a great disappointment that he was not able to play the AFC Asian Cup but still he won many hearts by his 12 minute appearance in the last league match against South Korea..

I was filled with euphoria and pride when he came on the field in the 80th minute.. The sense of joy that prevailed amongst the spectators as he came running on the field gave me goosebumps.. The people were happy to see their hero come on the field and not crying over the ongoing game.. I.M. Vijayan had rightly said,"Bhutia is God's gift to Indian Football", which this player has proved time and again..
The handing over of the arm band by Climax Lawrence also enthralled me..

The ongoing status of this game tells us a story that we have players who can match the top players in the world.. But its our responsibility to train and help them to get to that level..

Sunil Chhetri's association with the Kansas City is a proof that if tried a little harder, Indian Football can again reach and even surpass its Golden period of the 60's.. But it needs inspiration and support from its own countrymen who take out a little time out of watching Cricket and give it to Football..