Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dhobi Ghat..!!

What is this movie..?? I am not able to understand it or maybe i am not able to understand myself..

The story is a juxtaposition of 4 stories and i don't know which one has affected me the most.. But yes.. It has affected me.. I am not able to stop thinking about it today..

I think or feel that the story of Arun(Aamir Khan) has reached to me quite well.. His confused attitude and shying away from the crowds or not even shying, just staying away from it, connects to me.. His ultra connectivity with the story of Yasmin and his feel about it is awesome..

I wonder and even applaud the change of moods of Arun as per the life of Yasmin.. It is so real and yet so unreal that we are affected by the lives of people whom we even don't know.. But yet, their condition of plight saddens us too, maybe not for a long time, but yes it does..

And then again we throw away this feeling by thinking,"What shit..!! Why am i bothered..??". This is not a question that we ask just to get away from this feeling but its a statement of wonder that we utter to understand this human nature which has surprised us for an eternity..

The last scene of the movie is something which i am not able to get.. The act that Munna(Pratik Babbar) does is what i am finding a bit hard to understand.. Does it shows that he had understood the difference between him and Shai(Monica).. Or is it the feeling of love and that he just wants to see her happy..

All in all, the movie has left a huge impression on my mind but still, i am not able to understand it..

But wanna some more of these kind..


  1. the movie was very realistic n i realie liked kiran rao's work..she covered small things of mumbaai quite well..n i think munna sacrifised his love :|

  2. I quite agree wid u.. The feel of the movie was quite awesome..It was so touching and i felt so connected.. Especially the background score..